Tent: The Camping Equipment For the Military

Tents can be as big as a circus tents and as small as a bivouac to accommodate only one person. They are the most used camping equipment by the vacation lovers and adventures enthusiasts.

Military surplus stores sell military tents which usually consist of sheets of fabric material and poles or a framework made up of wood or metal attached with ropes.

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The poles and the ropes of all sides hold the fabric in place above a sheet on the ground. This groundsheet is made of durable or harder material than a sheet which is made of the roof of the tent.

This is because the roof of the tent is made to prevent rain and provide shelter to the campers.

Whereas, the groundsheet is made of harder material as it will prevent water from seeping inside the tent and also prevent bugs and other insects from getting inside the tent. It also offers a level of comfort that a thin material may not provide.

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Nowadays portable large-sized tents are also available in these stores because army force people to use these as equipment for camping, although these tents were not designed for camping. These tents are strong enough to safely accommodate humidifiers or air conditioners and also medical equipment.

The armed forces have knowledge about the procedures and quality panels for setting up and maintaining these kinds of military tents. These tents can be expanded and deployed according to the need of the accommodation.

Apart from portable tents, a smaller group of soldiers can make use of “camping equipment” styled tents. This helps the military forces to build a small outpost in a region where attention and observation are needed. Visit the website to get news on different types of the tent for camping.

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These tents can be carried by each team member in their backpack or by an individual in the team if the tent is large enough to accommodate the soldiers.