All About Office Space And Its Various Types

When we think about office space, we typically think of a single suite in a building with a reception area, a few individual offices, maybe a conference room and an open area or “bullpen”. If we zoom in a little further, we see there are actually a fairly wide variety of office space types that fit different kinds of companies at various stages of growth.  You can gather more knowledge about shared office space in Seattle via various online sources.

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There are several types of office spaces available around us. Some of the most common are listed below:

1) Traditional Office Space –

Think of law firms, accounting offices, or any other kind of traditional business that seeks a more corporate look and feel. Such offices typically have a reception area at the entrance, several individual offices, and a conference area along with a wet pantry and an open area for cubicles. Traditional office space offers much lesser features as compared to contemporary ones.

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2) Tech/Creative Space –

Such office spaces have become increasingly popular over the past 2-3 years. These are more open spaces with less individual rooms and more area for workstations. Less square footage is allocated per person, but there is typically more room for lounge/meeting areas and it’s all in the name of an open work environment that encourages and fosters collaboration.

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Wood or polished concrete flooring and raised ceilings without any tedious ceiling tiles and monotonous light fixtures are key aspects of creative space.

3) Executive Suite –

It is a fully serviced office solution whereby an individual or very small organization rent a single office as part of what is commonly a full floor of space rented by one organization that then licenses out individual spaces to other companies.

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On top of typically coming fully furnished and pre-wired and connected to phone and internet services, the perks of an executive suite include access to a common conference room and break room, a reception area with receptionist, and most importantly – very flexible lease terms. You can explore the web if you want to have knowledge about types of office spaces.

4) Co-Working Space –

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Think of executive suite space but with more of an open and creative look and feel to them. Co-Working offers flexible terms and the convenience of a reception area and shared conference rooms, break areas, etc. but is almost always in a wide open space.

Many Co-Working spaces do offer individual rooms for larger outfits, but they are primarily geared towards smaller/start-up companies looking for desk space. Terms vary, but many offer agreement lengths ranging from desk space for a day up to 1-year terms. In addition to the flexible lease terms and open/collaborative look and feel, Co-Working offers a unique social aspect that no other office space solution can provide.