The King Abdullah – A Brave Leader Who Reshaped Saudi Arabia

Late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, a great reformer and the most popular king of Saudi Arabia acquired the throne at a very old age. Yet he earned a reputation as a wary reformer. Without a doubt, King Abdullah was a revered leader. The brave reformer died at 90 due to prolonged illness.

However, the king is still remembered for his contribution in fighting violent extremism that proved just as important as a proponent of peace. In fact, a renowned author named Rob Sobhani has published a book on King Abdullah leadership.

The book is a tribute to an important and influential 21st century head of state. Abdullah represented the whole Muslim community and invested billions of dollars into modernization of its education system.

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If we look back to the whole human history, you can see many people who walk on this Earth without even causing a ripple in the sea of life. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is a person who has influenced and inspired so many persons to contribute for the country.

One of his great contributions to the country is that he opposed Al Qaeda’s militant ideas of the faith as explaining, even compelling, terrorist acts. As King Abdullah stood against terrorism; many changes were made to bring about global peace and harmony.

He played a very important role in ending differences between Arab countries in many areas and that his brave decisions played a crucial role in addressing creative assault.