Kinds Of Knives For Use

Knives are one of the first sets of tools developed by early humans and although they are most usually thought of as weapons they are still used as tools. Take a look at this guide to the most commonly used tool-knives.

Retractable Blade Utility Knife

This is a general-use tool intended to cut materials such as drywall, cardboard boxes, laminates, and plastic. The blade retracts into the body of the knife for safer operation and storage.

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Fischer 75600 Electric Sharpener

Some models have up to 3 kinds of blade positions for different cutting depths of the items. Higher-end knives have grips and also have ergonomic styles and designs for best gripping.

The handle generally unscrews or turns open to permit blade changes. Many models have extra blade area in the handle and some models have spring-loaded knives that automatically retract when the knife is released.

Fixed Blade Utility Knife

The blade on these knives locks in the halves of the knife to provide more blade stability than retractable models. The handle generally unscrews or swivels open to allow blade changes. As with retractable knives, higher-end models have rubber grips and ergonomic designs for better gripping. Unlike retractable knives, these knives hold general or special-purpose blades that can’t retract into the handle.

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Snap Blade Knife

The blade sections snap off (generally between 8 and 13 per blade) without having to open the tool to switch blades. They are generally used for cutting light- and medium-duty elements such as wallpaper, rubber, vinyl, and leather, or materials with adhesive backing that will stick to the edge and stop sharp, accurate cutting.

Fischer Red-Steel II

Carpet Knife

Carpet knives are designed for trimming and cutting carpet and other flooring supplies. Their angular design provides comfortable access to hard-to-reach areas. Many models feature retractable blades and blade area in the handle.