Keep Your Dog Healthy With Veterinary Care

Every pet owner wants that their pet always live healthy, happy and active. When pet become spiritless or inactive, pet owners need to consider veterinary care and immediately rush to a right veterinary hospital.

Most of the common diseases and illnesses found in pets are easily cured. However, cancer can be properly treated at a veterinary hospital staffed by board-certified oncology specialists.

While cancer in animals may be quite common, there is no clear indication of the causes of cancer. One kind of cancer common in dogs is the mast cell tumors. Mast cell tumors cancer can occur in middle-aged and older dogs. It is usually found in the external layers of skin, but can also occur in spleen, liver, cutaneous and bone marrow. You can also look for Babylon animal hospital to get the best medical care services for your pet.

Several breeds of dogs are inclined to be affected by cancer that is considered to be a genetic trait. Breeds of dogs that can become victims of mast cell tumors cancer are Beagles, English Setters, Boxers, Bulldogs and Labrador Retrievers. Boxer dogs require regular check-ups by a basic care veterinarian.

A good pet owner can notice such cancer at an initial stage but many times it can go unnoticed. The veterinarian may stage a tumor by performing the needle aspirate biopsy, complete blood count, lymph node aspirate, serum chemistry profile and abdominal ultrasound to examine the liver and spleen. If you are looking for grooming services for your pet then you can also visit

For more testing may include bone marrow aspirate, ultrasound, urine analysis and X-rays. If mast cell tumors symptoms are detected then the best treatment is full surgical removal. There are multiple specialty and emergency veterinary hospitals that provide 24-hour emergency services and a complete array of board-certified specialists for serious situations. These facilities are usually high-end surgery centers as well.