Installing Metal Roofs – A Perfect Choice

The type of metal for your roof is a major factor in terms of looks and cost. One of the most affordable choices available is Aluminum and is great value for money due to its strength and durability whilst Galvanized steel has a proven to have a longer life. Zinc is always an option and is far more attractive than the shelter roof sheet but there are also some different options to think about adding copper and stainless steel.

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Steel roofing Ontario style comes in a variety of surfaces and is naturally longer lasting than the wood. Metals with a faux stone finish are also available. If you have environmental concerns there are roofing choices made from so-called general metals which form a patina with age and naturally blend into their surroundings and are 100% recyclable.


As well as the variety of metals available, there are lots of style options for your new metal roof. No longer limited to corrugated sheets, there’s a whole range of various types of metal paneling – ribbed, plain, snap locking and these normally come with the option of visible or invisible adjustment.

As well as panels and to complement the full range of elements and the colors and finishes that these metals now present, there are tiles and shingles with a whole slew of forms to provide your house with the traditional or modern look. If you want a house with a roof that looks like it is made of Spanish tile or welsh grey slate, with a metal roof you can have it.

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