How to Get a Green Card for US Residency

A lot of people across the world wish to be United States citizens. Many men and women find it much easier to reside in this country as one can find well-paying jobs and lots of chances in education, health care and other areas.

Because of this, most immigrants and tourists are trying to obtain a green card. A green card, also called a DV is a permanent residence visa. Once an individual has this, they are able to live forever in U.S.A. If you want to get green card investment visa, then you can visit

It gives the individual the right to avail benefits like education and health support and permission to do the job. There are many ways where you can avail this visa. Not all procedures are simple but because scenarios might differ from person to person, it could be very helpful to learn your alternatives.

First option is to receive an immediate employer in the U.S. Most individuals who have additional ordinary abilities and valid certificates are the individuals that can receive these readily.

A different way to get one is by simply having relatives that are U.S. citizens or green and DV card holders. It may be your partner, kids, step parent, step child or adopted child. An individual may consult with the U.S. Immigration Office if they'd qualify.

Investors have given the opportunity to acquire a green card if they spend $500,000 in a commercial venture that will benefit the U.S. market.

You might also need to seek counsel from an expert who has expertise in helping visa grants.