Guide to Start Selling on Amazon

The past two decades have seen a rapid and increasing expansion of the online market that has significantly included the purchase and sale of goods through third-party platforms and through private online stores.

1. Prepare a plan

The first step towards any successful business is the right and realistic plan. Understand your business, demand, target customer base, age of inventory, and transportation from your location. If you have not thought of any products, decide before anything else. You can find Amazon consulting and account growth management service from various online sources.

2. Photo-shoot

After the product being sold is finished, arrange professional product shooting. Amazon strictly only allows images with a solid white background in categories such as Home and kitchen, clothing, shoes & bags, electronics, cosmetics, health, and personal care, etc.

3. Keep product details ready

After completing a professional photo shoot, write down all the specifications of your product as much as possible such as color, weight, length, area, height, technical specifications, materials, utilities, special features.

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4. Create your seller account

There are certain document requirements when creating an account. Make sure the PAN card, Bank account details, business name, email, business address, mobile number, shipping address, and information on your product category are ready.

5. Register your product

After brand registration is approved, you can register your product on the website. Download flat-files from the specific categories you want to register your product. Fill in all the important details that the customer must know about your product.

6. Maintain quality

Your customers rely on you for the best quality and experience, making sure you provide standard products with exceptional customer experience. You can put personalized thank you notes into the package to make it more comfortable.

7. Choose FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon is an initiative that starts delivering shipments safely and faster. You can send mass inventory to Amazon warehouses built in all major cities. Here, you will be free from the burden of packaging some products, shipping them, and returning them. Amazon handles all this on your behalf for a minimal fee.