The Exquisite Beauty of a Pearl Ring

It is undeniable that pearl rings display an elegant look despite its simplicity. The most wonderful fact about pearl rings is that it can be set in either yellow gold, white gold or silver and it still looks amazing.

Hence, regardless of the size, kind and color of the wholesale pearls which is studded inside a ring, you can be sure that you have one unique piece of jewelry that you can pass to your daughter or granddaughter.

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The rings appeared with faceted jewels around 14th century which indicated the social class of a person. Today, they are used for many purposes like adornment, loyalty and showing love to husband and wife.

Pearl rings in the form of plain gold, white gold or sterling silver are beautiful by themselves but if they are set up with diamonds and other precious jewels or stones, and it gives a more glamorous look.

There are several designs to choose from, hence a potential wearer or gift giver may have a hard time while selecting this perfect pearl ring.

As these pearl pieces come in a different range of colors, shapes or sizes, they have been valued as gemstones and in fact, it has been cultivated in different countries only for the use in jewelry.

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Some of the basic shapes of these pearls jewelry include round pearls, semi-round pearls, oval pearls, baroque etc. It is difficult to find the perfect round pearls as they are most valuable.

Though round pearls are used in pearl ring mountings, Button shaped pearls are on the latest trends.

Pearls are either found as natural or cultured pearls which mean that they are cultivated in special farms.

Cultured pearls are either found in freshwater or saltwater. The saltwater pearls are of three types which include The Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian and are more expensive than that of freshwater pearls. Read this article to get more info on the latest trend of pearl jewelry.