Different Types Of Women’s Shoes Heels

Women’s Shoes HeelsWomen are deeply in love with heels. High heels shoes are always in fashion. Heels in women’s shoes can be of several types. The high heels that you are wearing on your feet can add grace to your walking style.

Fortunately, the heels can be of different types ranging from low, mid to high so you are able to select a length that you can easily walk in and match with your dress too. Some of these are mentioned as below:

Pumps: They are commonly known as high heels and found in almost all big online fashion stores Australia wide. They are broader standing between 2 and 3 inches in height. These heels usually have a low cut around the front.

Kitten heels: They are low and elegant, making them perfect to be worn at parties and work events. They are the best option if you are seeking both fashion and comfort in one place. They are so comfortable that you can wear them for all day.

Sling back heels: These types of heels have a strap that goes around the Achilles heel back. They offer a more stylish look and simultaneously stabilize your movement.

Platform: Platform heels can be tall or short. What makes them different from others is the part of the under the sole that tends to be thicker. According to a survey, most women prefer to wear higher versions because they are more comfortable.

Women’s Shoes Heels

Chunky heels: These chunky heels for women have a wider base usually in a square shape. They are loved because of the steadiness they offer compared to stilettos and other traditional high heels.

Stilettos: With the length of about 8 inches, these stilettos are the highest high heels that you can find in any store. Walking with them can be a little difficult but they offer a leg-lengthening effect and are found to be very famous among girls with short height.

These were some of the types of women’s shoe heels. You may click this link to get more details on the different varieties of heels for women.