What Are The Different Types Of Boxing Gloves?

Boxing is a quite popular sport in Australia. It is not only a sports game but also a self-defense technique. For every purpose, different types of the boxing gloves are available in the market.

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If you are new to the world of boxing, you might get confused regarding which type of boxing glove will work the best for you. Let’s have a look at the different types of the boxing gloves:

Sparring gloves

This type of boxing gloves is used for sparring purpose. It is not intended to knock your sparring partner down. It comes with the extra-padding and wrist support. You can also buy hand wraps for more protection. Sparring gloves are meant to develop skill and technique.

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Bag gloves   

Bag gloves are for hitting the bags. Bag gloves do not protect what you are hitting, it only protects your hands. It provides extra protection to your knuckles. Bag gloves are of two types- Classic bag gloves and modern bag gloves.  

Training gloves  

Training gloves are used for all kinds of the training purposes such as sparring, hitting bags, knocking, etc. But it is not easy to find a pair of gloves that can suit all the purposes. Your training gloves might be good for sparring but are quite thick for bag hitting. Leather boxing gloves are the best for the sparring and training.   

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Fighting gloves  

Fighting gloves are intended for knocking your opponent down. Fighting gloves come with small padding and less support to the knuckles. It cannot be used for any other purpose because it will hurt your hand as well. Fighting gloves are only meant to hurt and knock your opponent down.     

These are the different types of the gloves used for different purposes. You can also browse this website to know more about the different types of boxing gloves.