Difference Between LED Lighting Vs. Fluorescent Bulbs

LED lighting features numerous benefits to consumers for configuring home LED Lighting systems and LED Downlighting products. LED Lights has replaced the outdated, buzzing fluorescent light bulbs completely.

LED lights are higher energy efficiency than fluorescents, they consume lower power and have a lower maintenance cost. LED lights have a longer lifetime that is roughly for 50,000 hours. The durability and performance of LED light system immensely influence the consumers.


Moreover, LED lighting system makers have introduced various innovative products which can fit in any industry. LED T5, LED T8 Tubes and LED Down Lighting makes its remark in every industry type. Nowadays LED lights are known to be the ‘best led lights’ (also known as bästa led extraljus in the Swedish Language).

However, using fluorescent lighting sources cause many health issues. It contains toxic materials such as mercury which is harmful to the environment and human body. When you destroy this light bulb, it floats toxic materials in the air, which could cause respiratory damage or asthma.

LED bulbs

LED light board car (also known as ljusramp bil in the Swedish Language) can be installed in cars in order to provide clear vision in dark. Every automobile company is using LED light car boards to fit in almost any make and model.

Fluorescent tubes are not only easier to install. On the other side, LED does not require any ballas, they can last for 10 years.  For quick installation, LED tube lighting can be installed directly without having any profound configuration.


This could be a boon for businesses who have a large electric bill, they should switch to LED light bulbs. This will cut down your electricity bill while still keep your home bright. This can also reduce the global lighting power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Browse around this link to know more about LED lighting system.