Characteristics Of Healthy Marijuana Clone

The marijuana is used for various medical conditions as it has proven to have many medicinal properties. Some prefer to buy seeds to grow a marijuana plant on their own whereas, some prefer to buy clones online.

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The reason that marijuana clones are always in high demand is that they have a much shorter vegetative cycle, and they are genetically alike to their mother plants. Vigorous marijuana clones look pretty much different from unhealthy clones. A healthy clone is green, perky, and sturdy.

Although seeds are an outstanding alternative for indoor grows however in comparison choosing clones is better because they skip over the entire germination phase which gives your plants further 4 to 6 weeks to build up.

As well as you’ll know that only females are planted in your grow space. When purchasing from a dispensary, it’s important to check for the following characteristics for the best clones in LA:

  • Roots – The roots are a cannabis plant’s major way of nutrient absorption and play a vital role in plant’s strength and durability. When choosing a clone, be sure that the roots are strong, white and eagerly protruding from the growing medium. If roots are brown and shriveled, or otherwise appear inactive, put it back and look for a better one.
  • Solid Coloration – When choosing a cannabis clone from a dispensary, make sure the cutting boasts the colors you want to see in your grow room. If you want to know about the medicinal properties of the cannabis then hop over to this site.

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  • Fresh Growth – After a cutting has established roots, it can begin putting more energy toward leaf production again. A strong, well-established clone should show visible signs of growth such as sturdy leaves and new growth at the nodes. The new leaves will be a bright green color but may get darker as the leaves mature.